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“It Goes Purity, Charity, and Sacrifice. The Three Things You Can Do to Find Meaning in this life. Cause it Goes One, Two, Skip a few, 99, 100. Now You’re Old and Grey. Life Has Passed You By and You’re Wondering, “What’s My Purpose Here? What’s my Reason of Existence?” When You Aim for Success and Riches, You Get it All, But You Truly Miss It. Cause See, True Value has Nothing to do with What You Get, In Fact it’s the Opposite. Cause in the End You Only Get what You Give. See to me, a Pure Soul is Worth more than a Bill Because to be Pure is to be Eternal, and to be Eternal is to be Real”

Drew Chadwick (via cheyenneculver)


"GOAL: Do one thing for someone else today to make their day brighter."