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I started a blog, i dont want to say "team inspire blog" because i feel like that sounds cheesy and its not just inspirational things. It focusses more on advise rather than motivation to improve our well-being. Please follow it and i will love you forever. Just click on the link that says "the pursuit of happiness".

Sometimes you have to be apart from the people you love, but that doesn't make you love them any less. Sometimes it makes you love them more.

"Why were you crying?"

It sucks when no one in your fucking family has the heart to support any decision you make. It sucks when you finally find something you love and something that makes you happy and your family won’t even support your decision. No i’m not talking about dating someone. This business that I was introduced to has made me a better and stronger person and the people in it have been the people who are giving me the positive energy that i deserve and want. How sad is it that I don’t get any of that from my family, especially my parents?? All I want is to go to kansas for a team meeting and I cant do that because my mom doesnt think I will get paid in the business or be successful better yet she thinks its a waste of gas. Youre willing to drive anywhere for my younger brother and let him go to all of these concerts where he spends cash and doesnt get paid, yet you dont want to travel for me to expand my opportunity to be happy and earn some money for myself? Even better, she thinks the people in the business who have offered me rides are fake and might kidnap me to some place unknown. Are you fucking kidding me? Last time I saw these people, they held a worship/church service. It pisses me off that my parents think they have the right to judge everyone without knowing shit. I hate that theyre telling me to not let my cousin, who introduced me to this business, tell me what to do. Shes not doing anything but giving me advice through hard times. My parents are the only people trying to tell me what to do. Why was I crying? Because Im sick of the negativity and bullshit that always comes from my family when i talk about this business. I get no support whatsoever. They want me to be happy but never let me express myself or do what I love to do.

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why i’ll never have a chance with cody calafiore