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I started a blog, i dont want to say "team inspire blog" because i feel like that sounds cheesy and its not just inspirational things. It focusses more on advise rather than motivation to improve our well-being. Please follow it and i will love you forever. Just click on the link that says "the pursuit of happiness".

Sometimes you have to be apart from the people you love, but that doesn't make you love them any less. Sometimes it makes you love them more.
Anonymous asked: What are you doing tomorrow?

depends.. who is this

A weekend full of inspiration:

This weekend i got the opportunity to go to omaha for an event with a business that I got started in. I got to hear life stories from multimillionaires and got to learn so much from them when it came to how to successfully run my own business - in other words, build my own team in this business.

I was excited from the start when i got invited. My cousin was already a part of this business and we both knew that i wanted to go and also get started to be a part of this team. I carpooled with some people from North Dakota. We exchanged names but the rest of the way to omaha we barely spoke. There was a cute guy but thats another story. I am just going to point out the things that stuck out the most to me throughout this whole weekend rather than go day by day. Each day we had a session to attend, people would go up on stage and speak about their life in the business and how to succeed but that wasnt all they did. They told their life stories and what good being a part of this team did for them. We had former drug addicts, people struggling to make a living. Bright side - they turned out okay because they believed in themselves when it came to being successful. They were able to free themselves from their jobs and stay home all day to raise their kids and give them the life that they deserve. This gave everyone the opportunity to travel around the us and even go on a cruise. So this weekend, they spoke about being successful and free, they have words of encouragement and i want to share some of it with you guys. 

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